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Leavers Hoodies: How to Choose The Correct One

At Print Kahf, we know how to make good quality products that are tailor-made to suit your needs. Here’s some advice when it comes to choosing your ideal Leavers Hoodie

Leavers hoodies 2023 design
One of our limited edition designs

So you’re looking for a Leavers Hoodie. You’ve come to the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right Leavers Hoodie:

How do I choose the correct Leavers Hoodie?

In short, when it comes to choosing the correct Leavers Hoodie, all you need to think about is the ideal thickness that you require, what you want to be printed on the hoodie, and the colours you want to use for your hoodie. (We’ll take care of everything else on our end of things!)

Print Kahf offers a range of different options, including top-quality, thick hoodies, which are manufactured using limited colours due to their significantly high quality. Alternatively, we also offer our V1 hoodies, which can feature multiple colours - ideal for schools that want to light up their hoodies with a wide selection of colours.

Whatever your choice is, Print Kahf makes sure that your option is absolutely tailor-made to you. We also guarantee that both options are great in terms of price and that whatever you choose, you can order it in bulk from our website.

Leavers hoodies with nicknames
The V1 style hoodie in all it's glory

Why do I need a Leavers Hoodie?

Leavers hoodies have long been a tradition for students of all ages, marking a momentous time in their lives and making sure they have a souvenir of their achievements.

Not only do Leavers Hoodies allow you to commemorate the people you studied with and the place that fostered your education, but they can also double as fashionable, comfortable, and practical items of clothing.

There’s a reason you hold onto these hoodies for years at a time!

Is it possible to get a Junior Leavers Hoodie option as well as a Sixth Year Leavers Hoodie?

Yes! We know that Leavers Hoodies are growing in popularity, with students of different ages seeking them out to commemorate their time at school or sixth-form colleges.

Print Kahf offers a huge selection of hoodies, and is open to suggestions on your needs - whether its size, age group, or appearance. If you have a specific design you want for a particular event, get in contact with PrintKahf and let us help.

What else should I know before choosing my Leavers Hoodie?

You’ll want to know that your chosen Leavers Hoodie design is in safe hands, so that you can feel happy with it when it’s finally delivered to you.

Print Kahf offer mockups to give you a sense of what your Leavers Hoodie might look like. We also have Design Breakdowns on our website in order to help you choose the design that works for you and your Leavers group!

What is the process for ordering a Leavers Hoodie with Print Kahf?

Print Kahf offers a straightforward process for ordering your Leavers Hoodies. Here’s all that you need to do to get your Leavers hoodies from us:

  • Get in Touch

You can get in touch with us right away by using our online form. Alternatively, you can call our team.

  • Get Your Visual Mockup

Print Kahf will create a visual mockup for you to view and share with your members. Any adjustments will be made to your preference

  • Take a look at our Online Store

We set up an online store on our website to make collecting orders from members a piece of cake!

After you’ve purchased your order and finalised the mockup, we’ll take over from there. PrintKahf offers a 7-14 day turnaround once the hoodie design is finalised. The rep that you’re in contact with will give you an accurate turnaround time when processing your order.

Happy ordering! Check out for full details.

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