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Personalised Leavers Hoodies 2023
Hoodies for Leavers from PrintKahf

Whether you are looking to create and order some leavers hoodies for year 6 all the way through to college, our handy online process has you covered. 

Our Leavers Hoodie Selection

When thinking of school leavers hoodies, although the first idea that comes into mind is your year 11 leavers hoodies, there are in fact many other opportunities to create personalised leavers hoodies for school. This can include a Year 6 hoodie, ski trip hoodies, College hoodies and sweatshirts, and even a University leavers hoodie. Detailed below are a couple of our options for printed hoodies and space for your school name and logo. However, we are open to your suggestion if you have a specific event you want your hoodie for or your own designs, so please get in contact with us. We also offer flexible pricing on your order, to find the right price for your school leavers. 

Leavers hoodies 2024

Our Simple Process

We aim to have our process as streamline as possible to ensure a smooth experience for you!

Get in Touch

You can easily get in touch using our online form or call our team.

Visual Mockup

We will create a visual mockup for you to view and share with your members - any adjustments will be made to your preference

Online Store

We setup an online store for you on our website to make collecting orders from members a piece of cake!

Leaver Hoodie Details

When it comes to constructing your hoodie, we have different choices to choose from and we are ever evolving our designs - you could even make your very own print or embroidery design. Here is what separates us from the crowd!

Fast Racing

Speedy Delivery

For all leavers, we offer a 7-14 day turnaround once the hoodie design is finalised for free. Your rep will give you an instant quote and accurate turnaround time when processing your order.

Multicolored Spools of Thread

We have luxury embroidery options to really make your leavers logo or school name stand out and last a lifetime. This will make for a favourites school leaver hoodie or trip hoodies to put on at all times.

Casual Wear

Lifetime Hoodie

When using printed or embroidered designs, we used a luxury hoodie with 300GSM weight, meaning it will last a lifetime to truly cherish your memories of  school or college. 

Our recommendation 

The best thing to do to get stared on your school items is to contact us and the PrintKahf team directly. We offer visual mockups as part of your order, so if you send over your logos and designs over to us we can send over some visual mockups to showcase what the leavers items will look like in school.


We offer over 20 different leavers colours available for order, in sizes from junior through to adult, so students can select sizes to suit them. For any order over 100 we offer an in person consultation to discuss designs, quality and create samples for your students to see. You can request this service from us, if you feel this is appropriate for your order 


Contact Us

If you are ready to begin with your designs and want to know more information on printing and pricing - get in contact with us today and we'll give you a quote for your order, and start working on your hoodie. You can contact us online, or call us for an instant response on your order. 

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