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University hoodies
Leavers hoodies, Society hoodies and College sweatshirts

If you're looking to create some leavers apparel, from year 6 all the way through to university, Print Kahf have you covered.

University Hoodies

Leavers hoodies have long been a tradition for students of all ages. These timeless souvenirs commemorate an important time in education, celebrate your students' achievements, and help them stay in touch with the friends they made along the way. But it's not just comprehensive leavers hoodies that PrintKahf offer. 

Society hoodies

Although the first idea that often springs to mind is a year 11 leavers hoodies, there are in fact many other opportunities to create leavers hoodies. This can include society hoodies, college hoodies and even university sweatshirts. If you run a club or society that says farewell to students with the end of each year, this option is the perfect choice to make sure you stay close to their hearts. With this option, you can even print your own society logo or design onto the leavers clothing, for full personalisation. 

University Society Hoodies
Society Hoodies

How It Works


Make Contact

Get in touch with our team of expert printers, who'll find out more about your wants and needs for your final design. We'll also give you an estimate on price and time. 


Visual Mockups

Browse the visual mockups of your leavers sweatshirts and decide on the final product. We create these for you for free!


Get Delivery

Receive your final hoodies up to 14 days after the order is placed. 

College hoodie

When it comes to university apparel, a college hoodie is a great way to remember your time there, forever. It's truly our best selling hoody. With this hoody, you'll be able to choose from a range of colours in our college sweatshirts range to suit your clothing style. With ultra soft feel, and bulk discounts on us, there's no end to the sweatshirts, polo shirts, and hoodies you can create. From Bath to Oxford, we've got the sweatshirt for you.  Detailed below are a couple of our clothing personalisation options, however we are open to your suggestion, so feel free to contact us if you have a specific event you want your leavers hoodies for.  

College Hoodie_edited.jpg

Univeristy & Leaver Hoodie Details

When it comes to constructing your leavers hoodies we have a variety of different styles and colours to choose from, and we are always evolving our designs for a fresh look. With Print Kahf, you could even make your very own print or embroidery design.

Here is what separates us from the crowd!

Fast Racing

Speedy Delivery

For all leavers, we offer a 7-14 day turnaround once the design is finalised at no extra charge. You'll be provided with an accurate turnaround time when processing your order.

Multicolored Spools of Thread

Embroidery Options

We have luxury embroidery options to really make your leavers logo stand out and last as long as your memories. This will make for a favourite school leaver hoodie to put on at all times.

Casual Wear

Lifetime Hoodie

We use luxury leavers hoodies with a 300GSM weigh meaning your clothing will last a lifetime to truly cherish your memories of  school or college. The hooded top view will be an unbeatable clothing item in your wardrobe.

University Hoodies made for a society in York

Our recommendation 

The best thing to do to get stared on your leavers items is to get in contact directly with our team. We offer free visual mockups, so all you need to do is send over your logos and designs and then we'll send back some visual examples to showcase what the leavers items will look like. We offer over 20 different leavers colours, all the way from junior sizes through to adult sizes. For orders over 100 items, we offer a free in-person consultation to discuss design, quality and create samples for your students to see. Feel free to request this service if you want the added extras to celebrate this special occasion.  

Contact Us

If you are ready to begin with your leavers design - get in touch today and we will get started on your journey.

Screen printing University hoodies

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