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Screen Printing | 16 Frequently Asked Questions

16 Frequently Asked Questions About Screen Printing

If you work in the screen printing business, you get a lot of questions about what exactly you do! Here’s a rundown of what screen printing is, how it can help you with your needs, and everything else you need to know

Screen Printing FAQs, answered by Print Kahf
Screen Printing FAQs, answered by Print Kahf

1. First up, what is screen printing?

For those who don’t know what it is, screen printing is a process whereby stencilled designs are transferred onto another surface, most commonly with ink.

2. Great! So why is it actually used so widely?

The main reason that screen printing is used by designers is that it's able to produce vivid colours on almost any chosen surface, including dark fabrics. The quality of the ink - as it lies on the surface/fabric - is thick and layered, which marks the product as being of good quality.

3. How much does screen printing cost?

Cost is usually calculated based on your quantity and design. Screen printing requires multiple colours to be used if the design is a multicolour, requiring a screen for each colour and therefore increasing the price. The higher the quantity the lower the price will be. For example if you had a small 10x10cm logo with only one colour print and you required 100 t shirts - you could be looking at around £7-8 per t shirt.

4. Is it possible to print onto anything else?

You can print onto a whole range of other surfaces, including metal, glass, wood, and different types of plastic. However, paper and fabric are the most popular.

5. How does the screen printing process work?

At its most basic level, screen printing involves producing a stencil on a mesh screen. Ink is then pushed onto the stencil, and through it, which leaves an imprint of your design on the material that you’re printing on.

6. Why has screen printing become popular?

Screen printing has become incredibly popular in recent years, with more artists and manufacturers learning its techniques. This has meant better quality screen printing products.

7. Why have I noticed more quality screen printing businesses in recent years?

Screen printers can reproduce a chosen design many times, which makes them incredibly popular for those looking to find bespoke, printed clothing items. Remember, the stencil method means that designs can be easily replicated. Therefore, it’s great for designing tailor-made items in bulk!

8. What type of clothing items can be screen printed?

Many items of clothing can be screen printed. These can include everything from School Leaver’s Hoodies, to University Society Hoodies, to T-Shirts, and to Ski Hoodies. All you need is your own imagination and a good screen printing business!

Print Kahf's Screen Printing Options
Print Kahf's Screen Printing Options

9. Is screen printing effective on all fabrics and clothing?

Thanks to advances in screen printing techniques and the development of excellent printing inks, it’s much easier to achieve great results with screen printing onto almost any fabric.

10. Will the ink on my screen-printed item wash out eventually?

Good screen printing companies will go to significant lengths to ensure that the items they produce won’t wash out. Professional techniques, such as drying temperature, timings, and the colouring process, are all factors in making sure that the product is durable.

11. What are the benefits of using a professional, reputable, screen printing company?

It might seem obvious to say, but it’s recommended that you always use a professional screen printing company! With a reputable company using the best screen printing techniques and equipment available, you get designs that don’t wash out, as well as designs which have better colours and which are more enduring overall.

12. How can I spot a good quality screen printing business?

If you’re looking for a screen printing business to suit your needs, you need to consider a few things before you get started. First up, take a look at what they’re offering on their website and consider whether it’s right for you. Beyond that, take a look at the clients that they work with, or any past reviews, to get a sense of the quality they might be offering.

13. Can screen printing businesses help me with choosing my designs?

If you have an idea of what you want but aren’t sure exactly how it might look when printed, a good screen printing business should be able to help you. Visual mock-ups of your design can help make your decision easier.

Print Kahf can help you with your mock-up designs
Print Kahf can help you with your mock-up designs

14. Is it easy to order screen-printed products online?

With the right business, it’s easy to order screen printing products online. Your needs can be sorted out in just a matter of minutes.

15. Is it OK to place smaller screen printing orders, including customised projects?

16. Where can I find a good screen printing business in the UK?

If you’re satisfied that you want to reach out to a screen printing business - or even if you have more questions - head to Print Kahf’s website and see their list of services and print screen options.


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